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Captain Marvel


I don’t know much about Marvel. Of course, I’ve watched the movies, but I haven’t read that many comics of theirs. I did read the Civil War event a few years ago though. Last year’s Civil War movie was cool but I didn’t feel it had the scope of the comic event. In the latter, everyone seemed to be concerned, and to a lesser degree, to have a part of play. It also allowed me to read for the first time stories of many Marvel characters, including Moon Knight, She-Hulk or –since it’s today’s subject- Ms. Marvel. I’ve liked her since. She’s a kind of Marvel Wonder Woman somehow, the badass female type. As I said, I’m not really aware of what’s going on in the Marvel Universe, but I saw she’s called Captain Marvel now. I decided to draw her in her new costume.

Elie bongrand 81 captain marvel colors

Color version

Elie bongrand 81 captain marvel

Ink version