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Darth Vader


Here’s The Dark Lord. I never drew any Star Wars character before so I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been a Star Wars fan for many years, even though I’ve only been interested in the movies lately. Dark Horse’s Star Wars comic book stories actually were the first American comic book stories I’ve ever read. I didn’t even know they belonged to the wider category of American comics. To me, they were a unique format, different from the standard Franco-Belgium format that I knew. I read thousands of pages and learned about all these expanded universe characters, planets, factions, ships, etc. With Disney deciding to replace this universe with its new one, I kinda left these stories. I’ll certainly get back to reading some of them later.

Hope you like it.

Elie bongrand 82 darth vader colors

Color version

Elie bongrand 82 darth vader

Ink version