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Her name’s Victrix. I liked both the sound and the meaning of it. Plus, Latin names happen to be often used when the military’s involved, in science-fiction.
She’s in her mid-thirties. To me, it represents an age where physical strength and mental strength balance the best. I once read that the Spartans –another classic Sci-Fi name by the way– considered the perfect age to be 35. I unfortunately cannot find the article anymore. They did end their training and become full citizens at the age of 30 though, which gives us an idea of their perception. But I’m digressing.
She’s the badass type. The mercenary type. She’s fully equipped with guns and ammo, does wear clothes that offer some protection but aren’t as restrictive as an armor. Of course, there’s a story behind this metallic hand but it’s for another time.

Hope you like it :)

Elie bongrand 85 victrix couleurs

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