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The Dark Lord of the Sith

Here is the Dark Lord of the Sith! An original character without a name, only a title; with which I could add many parts and different textures to the costume, as I enjoy. Like in all my drawings, I wanted it to be entertaining and dynamic, so I decided to have a dramatic angle.

The scene displays yet another battle between the Sith and the Republic. Except for the Star Destroyer and the Republic symbol, which I guess are dated, it could happen whenever you'd like (Naga Sadow's era, Revan's era, Bane's era, etc.) It doesn't really matter though, does it? Let's just have some fight!

Hope you like it :)

Elie bongrand 90 the dark lord of the sith

Final ink version

Elie bongrand 90 the dark lord of the sith process