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Wonder Woman, Goddess of War


While everybody’s been drawing their Wonder Woman fanarts lately because of the movie, I just drew mine because of the first Rebirth TPB, which I read months later than everyone =p Now we could discuss the influence of the movie on my decision to read this comic book.

It was the first time I read a Wonder Woman solo story. A nice read, but it didn’t make me want to know what’s next so much. But really I bought this book for the art, not for the story. And Rucka’s Lazarus being my favorite comics currently, I can’t expect anything more from him. I thought the art was great! I really enjoy WW’s new costume. Finally, she’s wearing a skirt. The colorist (Laura Martin) did a great job too. I love it when the team –or whoever’s in charge-- agrees to have/let the colorist build an atmosphere rather than simply have the main characters stand out. It’s a story, feelings are important; and colors bring feelings.

Hope you enjoy the drawing :)

Elie bongrand 94 wonder woman

Final ink version

Elie bongrand 94 wonder woman process