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Fear the Batman

Hi. Many times in the comic books, we’ve seen goons wondering whether or not the Batman was human or even existed. I’ve never been really convinced that they could doubt it given the clear representation of the superhero’s numerous appearances we’ve had. But say we’re back to the beginning, during Year One or The Long Halloween, at a time when the Dark Knight has been able to strike only so many times. Lurking in the shadows, he would remain hidden. Only for a brief moment would someone see him before the unescapable upcoming knockout. From then, the myth would emerge. And from these people’s blurry descriptions, others would start to picture the creature that protects Gotham. I hope you like it and please feel free to comment :) Elie

Elie bongrand 109 fear the batman couleurs

Color version

Elie bongrand 109 fear the batman

Ink version